Because of You

A L Long
10 min readJul 12, 2020

A second chance at love: Final Chapter💗💗💗💗💗

A must-read happily ever after. A compelling ending to Jillian and Nash’s story.

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I t was late afternoon by the time Jillian and Sue had finished listing everything that had been taken from her apartment and got it over the police. Jillian felt bad for her friend. She was such a kind and generous person and didn’t deserve to be taken advantage of. Most everything she had owned was gone. The only items left were ones that Malcomb wasn’t able to haul off himself.

Because they had been so busy, Jillian completely forgot about contacting Nash. Dealing with Sue’s problem was the best way possible to forget about her own problems, but now the time came to face Nash and let him know that she knew he wasn’t technically divorced, according to Danielle. After dropping Sue off at her apartment, Jillian decided a surprise visit to Nash’s house was in order. She was pretty sure he would be home since he rarely worked on Saturdays.

Pulling up to his home, which was located on the upper end of town where all the big homes with acreage were, Jillian put her car into park and headed up the long walk. Admiring the enormity of his home, which was mostly brick with big windows extending from the ground to the roof, she could only imagine what a home like this must have cost. Her tiny apartment could have fit inside numerous times.

Standing on the landing, she pushed the doorbell and waited for Nash to answer. When he came to the door, he was sporting a casual look of sweat pants and a tight-fitting t-shirt. Even with his laid-back attire, he looked amazingly hot. When their eyes met, it seemed only natural for Nash to lean in and kiss her. But when Jillian turned her head, he knew something was wrong.

“We need to talk, Nash,” Jillian demanded, stepping past him without an invitation to enter.

“What is this about, Jillian?” he asked confused.

Taking in her surroundings, Jillian admitted to herself that every time she entered his home she felt like a princess, even on this day. Nash had spared no expense on the furnishings. Heading to the large living room, Jillian turned to face him before taking a seat on the leather couch. Focusing on the picture above the fireplace, she contemplated how she would confront him with the visit she had received yesterday from Danielle. The only way she would get the truth was to just come out with it.

“Your wife Danielle came to my job yesterday. Why didn’t you tell me that you were still married to her?” Jillian’s breath hitched as she tried to remain strong and not reveal how hurt she was by his deceit.

“Danielle came to see you?” Nash questioned, confused.

“Yes, she said that you two were still married and that the divorce wasn’t legal since she was in no condition to sign the papers. You didn’t tell me she was sick.” Jillian managed to remain calm as she focused on Nash’s reaction.

“I’m not sure what Danielle is up to and why she would be in Montana after all this time,” Nash said as he walked over to where Jillian was seated. Taking a seat next to her he advised, “Jillian, I don’t know what she told you, but I guarantee, we are no longer married. Danielle was perfectly sane when she signed the divorce papers. It was only after the divorce was final that she went crazy. Her parents had her admitted to a retreat a few weeks later.”

“So… you aren’t married to her anymore?”

“Not even in the slightest.” Taking Jillian by the hand, what he was about to say was something he should have said ten years ago. “The only woman who ever mattered to me is you. I never should have left you. You mean everything to me. I’m not going to lose you again.”

Tears swelled in Jillian’s eyes as Nash fell to one knee beside her. He needed to prove to her that no one mattered to him more than her. Holding her hands in his, he lowered his head and focused on their hands linked together. There was only a moment of silence before he continued. “These past few weeks, I have learned what happiness is. You have shown me that my life was nothing without you.” Rubbing the back of her hand, he lifted his head and looked into her eyes with conviction. “I am not going to make the same mistake again. If you’ll have me, I would love for you to be my wife.”

Lowering her body to the floor, Jillian knelt beside him. Releasing his hands, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and asked, “What took you so long?”

In the weeks to come every spare moment that Jillian had was spent on planning for the wedding. Working with a wedding planner, which Nash suggested, Jillian knew exactly what kind of wedding she wanted. Everything was coming together perfectly, and the day that Jillian had waited for finally arrived.

After being confronted about Danielle’s visit, Nash arranged a meeting with his attorney to confirm that the divorce paperwork had been filed and everything was legal. Even though Jillian had accepted that they were no longer married, he felt he needed to ease her mind.

Danielle finally gave up the charade of still being married to Nash, but only after she was threatened with defamation of character along with false allegation charges. Jillian wished that Nash would have followed through with his threat, but was happy, nonetheless, when Danielle went back to New York swearing that she would stay away from them.

Nash’s parents weren’t invited to the wedding, but that didn’t stop them from trying to be there. The wedding went off without a hitch. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Even though it was their day, Jillian was glad to see that Sue, who was her maid-of-honor, ended up with Nash’s best man, Paul.

Being the first to leave the after-wedding party, which was customary, Nash wanted to do something special for Jillian. He wanted this to be a day she would never forget. It took everything he had to keep the wedding gift he got for her a secret. Getting inside the limousine, he had arranged, Nash instructed the driver to take them to the airport.

The expression on Jillian’s face had no words as she asked, “Nash, where are we going?”

“You’ll see soon enough, sweetheart,” Nash answered mischievously, knowing that there was no way that Jillian could know until the last minute. Having a good friend on the hospital board with a private plane had its perks, especially when he offered Nash the use of it as a wedding gift.

After changing into more comfortable clothes, which Nash arranged to have on board, Jillian couldn’t help but quiz Nash every minute that they were on the luxury plane. Sitting across from each other, she asked, “Is the place you’re taking me tropical?”

“I’ll give you a hint, sweetheart, but you have to promise me you won’t ask any more questions,” Nash replied.

“Okay,” she agreed, opening her ears to listen to his one and only hint.

“It is a place where magic began and where magic will end.”

“What kind of hint is that? It could be anywhere,” Jillian commented, annoyed.

Pulling her onto his lap, he stated affectionately, “Well, Mrs. Colton, you will just have to wait and see then,” before placing a kiss on her lips.

When they arrived at LAX, his surprise was revealed. Jillian didn’t understand why they were in LA. She had put California behind her so many years ago. There were too many bad memories here, and as much as she missed it, she never had the strength to return.

As they stepped off the plane, once again a limousine was waiting for them. The driver was waiting patiently by the back door ready to assist them. Before they left the tarmac, there was one thing that Jillian needed to know. “Nash, can you please tell me where we are going?”

“A place where magic happens.” This was not the answer that Jillian expected. Rolling her eyes in frustration, she turned her head away from Nash and stared out the side window.

Pouring them each a glass of champagne, which was compliments of the limousine service, Nash handed her a glass and said, “To new beginnings.”

With a sarcastic tone, Jillian replied, “Whatever that might be,” as she tipped her glass to meet his in a toast.

Nearing the beach where most of the uppity people of California kept their summer homes, the limousine stopped in front of a beautiful two-story home with a wrought iron entry gate already swung open. Driving through the gate, the driver rounded the circular drive and stopped in front of the entrance. As Jillian stepped out of the car, she didn’t know who owned the home but thought it might be owned by the same person that owned the plane.

Giving the driver a tip, Nash whispered something in his ear before he drove off. Jillian wanted to ask Nash what he said but wasn’t sure if he would tell her. Probably another surprise. Making a full circle, Jillian took in her surroundings while Nash unlocked the door. Turning toward her, he surprised Jillian by lifting her from the landing and carrying her across the threshold.

Pushing the door closed with his foot, he kissed Jillian on the lips and said, “Welcome home, Mrs. Colton.”

She loved the way he said, “Mrs. Colton,” but what Nash had said hadn’t sunk in. All she cared about was that she was with him and she would have her whole life to love him.

Ascending the stairs, their mouths still locked together in a passionate kiss, Nash held her close as he took each step. When he reached the top, he still held her close. Carrying her down the short hallway, he entered the master bedroom where he gently placed her on the enormous bed. Unaware of where she was until her body hit the soft mattress, Jillian opened her eyes and their kiss broke.

Taking a quick look around, she loved everything about the room. It was decorated with a feminine touch in mind. The bedding was a soft cream color made up of satin and lace. Each window, of which there were four, was draped with sheer curtains and a scalloped valance upholstered in velvet of light blue and ivory. Never had she seen anything more beautiful.

Placing her hand on his cheek, she asked, “You did all of this for me?”

“For us, sweetheart. I wanted to give you a reason to come back to California. I wanted to give you a new memory, one that we could share together. Welcome home, Mrs. Colton.”

It was then that Jillian knew what he meant. She didn’t know how he did it. Placing his mouth on hers, he reclaimed her lips. Jillian gave herself freely to the passion of his kiss. Leaning her back against the soft comforter, Nash slowly unbuttoned her blouse, breathing in her scent. Opening her blouse to reveal her heaving breast, he moved his mouth down her body. Lowering the cup of her bra, he covered her breast with his mouth, sucking and licking her rosy nipple. Jillian lifted her back from the bed, moaning and humming with pleasure as she took hold of his biceps to keep from falling onto the bed. Hungry for his touch, she lowered her arms to his waist and removed his shirt, scraping her nails against his skin in the process. His clothes came off layer by layer and soon there was nothing between them. Wrapping one slender hand around his erection, she could feel him growing harder in her hand. As she continued to stroke his arousal, she was eager to taste him. Using the weight of her body, she rolled him over. Straddled on top of him, Jillian gave him a mischievous look before making her way down his body. Gripping the base of his shaft, her lips moved toward his arousal. She was amazed by his thickness. As she flattened her tongue under the sensitive tip, she heard him say, “That’s it, baby,” as she continued toying him with her tongue. Wrapping her mouth around his girth, it was as though it was meant to hold him. Slowly Jillian began moving up and down the length of his cock, feeling him swell even more. Tasting him was beyond words.

Stopping her, Nash, without effort, flipped her onto her back. It was his turn and he wanted nothing more than to reciprocate the attention. Spreading her legs with his own, he placed his hands on her legs and feasted on her sweet nectar. He could feel her eagerness as her hips began swaying back and forth coaxing him to continue his exploration of her most sensitive place. Kissing her endlessly, his tongue lashed inside, working her open, driving her wild with desire. Jillian arched into him, feeling the moisture bead and drip between her legs. Nash teased the hard nub of her clit, bringing her to the land of no return as she surrendered to his unselfish offering of pleasure.

Moving above her, he pressed his shaft inside her, finding his home sweet home. She was his warmth, his blanket, his to command. Forever he would be hers. Feeling the onset of his own release, he slowed his movements. Nash wanted nothing more than to make this moment last. With one last thrust, he met his own release.

As they held each other closer listening to only each other breathe, Jillian wondered what made Nash decide that this was the place they would settle down, start a family. “Nash,” she said, hesitantly.

“Yes, love.”

“What made you decide to buy this place, and why here?”

Holding her closer, he kissed the top of her head. “The only other time I had ever been happy was in California. I know that you left here because of what I did and because of the hurt it caused you to stay in California. I took a chance that you missed California too. I knew that this was where we would be happy.”

Deep down inside, Jillian knew someone up above had a plan for them, and they would forever love one another. Even though it took them a long time to find each other, somehow, she had known that one day they would be reunited, and being back in California couldn’t have been more perfect.

Lifting to her elbow, Jillian looked at him, “It doesn’t matter where we live. As long as we are together, I am happy.” Pausing for a moment, Jillian admitted. “I’m glad you took a chance.”

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