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A L Long
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A second chance at love: Chapter Three 💗💗💗

Tune in as the story of love and deceit begins to unfold. One chapter at a time.

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Jillian had been nervous all day. Nash had contacted her a week after he had released her from the hospital, wanting to take her to dinner. He had called her every day since her release to make sure she was doing well. Jillian would have asked him out herself, but when he finally asked, she knew that he had found the courage he needed.

The time had finally come and Jillian was doing the finishing touches before she got dressed. As she removed her robe, she couldn’t help but notice the small scar that was a reminder of what happened to her. Things could have turned out a lot worse than they had. Jillian believed in karma and believed there was a reason that the event, as tragic as it was, had happened.

Smiling to herself, she took a seat on her bed and carefully worked her silk stocking up her leg. She had spent more than she normally would have on them, but felt that Nash was worth every penny. Hooking the lace of her stocking to the black clamp on her garter, she worked the other stocking up her leg and secured it to the garter. Standing to her feet, she walked to the full-length mirror to make sure that the seams running down the back were straight and positioned in the middle of her leg. The last thing she wanted was to have crooked lines. Tonight, everything needed to be perfect.

Slipping into her little black dress, she admired how it looked on her. Even though she was on the curvy side, she had to admit that the sales lady at the boutique was spot on when she said she looked amazing in it and it was made for her. Jillian thought that the price tag might have had something to do with it, but once again, it was worth every penny.

To complement her stocking-covered legs, she decided to pair them with her black velvet stilettos with the bow at the heel. Even though they were five inches high, Jillian knew that she wouldn’t be taller than Nash. He was a good eight inches taller than her when she was barefooted and there was no way she would ever match his height.

After placing the rest of her things in her small black clutch, she poured herself a small glass of wine. She needed something to calm her nerves and one glass would be just enough to do that. Taking her glass of wine, she took a seat on the couch in the living room and waited patiently for Nash to arrive. Picking up her phone from the coffee table, she looked at the time and saw that he should arrive any minute. As she was getting ready to check her emails, there was a knock at the door.

Downing the rest of her wine, she placed the empty glass on the counter as she made her way to the door. Taking a quick look at herself in the hall mirror, she had to admit that she looked good for as nervous as she was. Opening the door, Nash was even more handsome than when she had seen him in his scrubs. He was wearing a black suit jacket with a white button-down shirt underneath. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought he came from a photo shoot. He was every bit as gorgeous as any top male model.

Knowing she was staring at him, she said, “Please come in.”

Before he walked past her, Nash leaned in and placed a tender kiss on her cheek. “You look amazing.” Jillian could feel her cheeks turn every shade of red as the innocent kiss had an effect on her. Smiling up at him, she remained speechless.

Closing the door and taking a deep breath, Jillian tried to regain her composure as she followed him to the living room. Her hands were sweaty and just like the first date she had with him, there were butterflies in her stomach. She was no longer that young girl, but she couldn’t deny that he still made her giddy inside.

Rubbing her hands together, she asked, “Would you like a glass of wine before we go?” knowing that she could use another one.

“That would be great,” he replied.

Walking on unsteady legs, she managed to make it to the kitchen without falling. Jillian pulled another glass from the cupboard and filled it with the bottle of wine she had left on the counter. Filling her glass as well, she proceeded to the living room where Nash had taken a seat on the couch.

His leg was crossed at his knee, which gave her the impression that he had made himself at home. She wondered how he could be so relaxed while every nerve in her body was having a heyday. Sitting beside him, she carefully handed him his wine. Touching their glasses in a toast, Jillian waited until he took a sip before taking one of her own.

Placing his glass on the table, she watched him look around taking in his surroundings before he asked, “So, how long have you lived here?”

Placing her glass next to his she replied, “A little over five years.”

“Why Montana? I pictured you as a Cali girl for life.”

“There wasn’t anything left for me there. Mom and Dad sold the house and moved to Arizona. I could have followed them but decided on a change. I needed a new start, so when I heard about this job, I applied and well… here I am.”

As they continued to talk, Jillian found out that Nash hadn’t spoken to his parents since he graduated from Cornell. He didn’t want them to control his life and after he got divorced, they literally gave up on him anyway. Feeling the need to get away from them, he moved to Montana, where he did his residency and was later hired on full time at St. Vincent.

Feeling the asperity he had toward his parents, Jillian placed her hand on his leg to comfort him. Even though she had a great relationship with her parents, she saw how much he was hurting from not having a relationship with his, that every child should have with their parents. As she looked down at her hand, there was an unmistakable connection between them. Drawing her eyes to his, her hand remained on his leg as she leaned in closer to him. Thoughts began racing in her mind as she was taken back to when they were in high school.

There was no hesitation between them; he took her lips as his own. Parting her lips, she allowed him further inside, wanting nothing more than to bring back what she had forever missed. He swept his tongue inside, exploring every inch. Jillian knew that a kiss like this could only have one conclusion, and yet, she had no desire to stop.

As the kiss intensified so did their desire for one another. It was unexplainable how they were brought together. Fate, coincidence, luck; it didn’t matter. They were meant to be together, just as they had been many years ago.

Unable to tame the desire he had for her, Nash wrapped his arms around Jillian, pulling her closer. Sliding his hand down her back, he released the hook holding her dress in place and began slowly sliding the delicate zipper down her back. Moving his hand up her back, he lowered the strap from her shoulder. Breaking the kiss they were sharing, he continued kissing her, trailing kisses down her neck to the bridge of her shoulder. Jillian’s skin was soft against his lips as he moved lower, past her collarbone to the edge of the lacy material covering her breast. Lowering the strap further down her arm, the swell of her perfect mound was exposed, allowing Nash to taste more of her beauty.

Jillian felt her breath hitch as Nash enveloped her nipple with his mouth, skillfully toying with the hard bud with the tip of his tongue. Moving to the other side, he slowly lowered her other strap, wanting nothing more than to give her other perfectly rounded breast the same attention.

His soft words melted her heart as he said, “You are even more beautiful than I remembered.”

Nash slowly pushed her backward, capturing her lips once again. Before touching her again, he slipped off his suit jacket and let it fall to the floor. Placing her hands against his chest, Jillian worked the buttons on his shirt until it opened, exposing his chiseled chest and abs. Even though he had been athletic in high school, his muscles were more prominent now and it was clear that he took care of himself.

Licking her lips, Jillian pushed his shirt down his shoulder until Nash took over and removed it with little effort. Moving her hands down his chest to his stomach, Jillian worked his belt loose, pulling it away, and dropping it on top of his suit jacket. She didn’t need to open her eyes to know that God had truly blessed him as she felt the strength of his shaft beneath her hand. Lowering the zipper to his slacks, she slipped her hand beneath the cotton fabric of his boxers.

Consumed by his desire, Nash moved over her, spreading her legs so that he could position his body between them. Snaking his hands up her dress, he found the core between her legs warm and moist. Pushing the lace of her panties to the side, he dipped his finger between her folds, coating it with her femininity. He knew her desire for him wasn’t lost.

Placing his free hand in the back pocket of his slacks, he skillfully pulled out his wallet and took out a condom that he had brought, just in case. Frantically ripping open the packet he rolled it on his hard length, wanting nothing more than to stay in the moment. Spreading her legs wider to receive him, emboldened by her own reckless desire, Jillian wrapped her hand around his erection and guided him inside her most intimate place. Nash pushed his heavy erection against her opening, teasing her wet folds as he coated himself with her wetness. Moving against her, the warmth of her channel enveloped him, pulling him deeper inside. Arching her hips, she met him thrust for thrust. She was deliciously tight as he filled her completely.

This was not how she pictured it would be, but she took everything that he offered her as their bodies moved as one. As he pressed harder, deeper inside her, she could no longer hold back the need to release. Intertwined together, fully fused as one, the power of their orgasm sent them free-falling into a tunnel of pure ecstasy.

Nash’s breath rumbled as a roar of satisfaction fell upon his lips. Catching his breath, he whispered, “Let’s stay in. I never want to let you go again.”

There was no other place that Jillian wanted to be. She was happy right where she was.

Jillian and Nash’s story continues. Watch for Chapter Four

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